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Can you name the NEEDTOBREATHE and Third Day Songs?

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'I'm looking around here for some kind of miracle'Third Day
'Consume me like a fire'NEEDTOBREATHE
'Even when the rain falls'NEEDTOBREATHE
'Where love like a river flows'Third Day
'I was taking it slow but I was caught off guard'NEEDTOBREATHE
'Send down your presence, I wanna see Your face'Third Day
'Don't go baby, I didn't catch your name'NEEDTOBREATHE
'Just to be with You, I'll do anything'Third Day
'Don't look now 'cause I can't escape'NEEDTOBREATHE
'It's just a whisper, that sounded like a scream'NEEDTOBREATHE
'He'll meet you wherever you are'Third Day
'We've got to learn to love'Third Day
'If you know that I'm going too fast for my own good'Third Day
'Somewhere between the end and the point where we begin'NEEDTOBREATHE
'Cathedrals have tried in vain'NEEDTOBREATHE
'And pretend that you are fine, but you'd be lying'Third Day
'Like we were children'NEEDTOBREATHE
'There's nothing I can do on my own to find forgiveness'Third Day
'Let the songs I sing bring joy to You'NEEDTOBREATHE
'No I did not make it, no it is making me'Third Day

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