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Can you name the Dinosaurs of the Jurassic?

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Paleo-HintAnimalExtra Information
This Early Jurassic theropod had two crests on top of its head and was originally theorized to have extremely weak jaws
The largest of its kind, this Late Jurassic ornithischian had a row of odd plates along its back
This Early Jurassic prosauropod likely stood on two legs for much of its life, unlike its later relatives
This Late Jurassic ornithopod is named for Edward Drinker Cope's greatest rival
This Early Jurassic theropod, discovered in Antarctica, had an odd crest on its head
Having 'different teeth,' this Early Jurassic dinosaur is one of the earliest-known ornithischians
This Late Jurassic ornithischian may have been the ancestor of both iguanadontids and hadrosaurs, though its phylogenetic position is somwhat problematic
This sauropod had an extremely long neck and long tail and was one of the larger animals of the Late Jurassic
Paleo-HintAnimalExtra Information
A relative of the above, this sauropod was originally called Brontosaurus
This large sauropod graciously donated its head to form Brontosaurus with the above
This Late Jurassic dinosaur was one of the first birds
This Late Jurassic theropod was fround in the same quarry as the above and shares a remarkable number of features
A very unusual stegosaur, this Late Jurassic dinosaur had a mixtrue of spikes and plates
One of the last members of its group, this theropod had a horn and two small crests on its head
This theropod was one of the larger carnivores of the Late Jurassic

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