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This song was written by Paul McCartney and given to the band. It appears on the Magic Christian Music album.McCartney famously said upon giving it to the band, 'you want a hit, I'll give you a hit.'
This song was the title track from the band's 'first' album (released as The Iveys).This album was, sadly, never released in the U.S. or U.K.
This song has a noted false ending and is featured on the album No DicePete Ham originally invisioned it with a mambo beat, as opposed to the heavilly power pop version that was released.
This incredibly famous Ham-Evans collaboration was once described by Paul McCartney as '...the killer song of all time.'This song has been covered by artists as diverse as Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey.
The closing song on the album No Dice, this song features Pete Ham on his accoustic guitar.A simpistic song, this is certainly one of the stand-out pieces on No Dice
Badfinger's last top-twenty single in the U.S., this song is one of the standout tracks on Straight Up.The song was written about a woman named Dixie Armstrong.
This track from Straight Up features a guest appearance of George Harrison on lead guitar.In addition to George on guitar, Leon Russel was also featured on the piano.
The openning track of Badfinger's last Apple Records album, this song was written as a farewell to the company.This was Apple Records' last single that was not performed by an ex-Beatle.
Badfinger's longest track, this Molland-Gibbins collaboration if one of the highlights of Wish You Were Here.Wish You Were Here is critically considered Badfinger's greatest album. However, it was pulled from the shelves after only a few months.
Of the two singles released from Airwaves, this one is the only one that was able to get on the charts.This song was a Molland piece, released in the band's attempted come-back.
This was the only single from the album Say No More.This song proved to be Badfinger's last single, commercially successful or otherwise.
This song was Evans's response to the realization that Polly was a criminally bad manager.Because of Pete Ham's death, the album containing this song was not released. A 2000 CD version of Head First, however, is available.

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