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Forced Order
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What is the name of the hotel Neal loved?
Who did Neal propose to?
What famous criminal did Neal discover was Mozzie?
Who killed Hagen?
Who killed Neal's second handler?
Who was the subject of Neal and Peter's first case together?
What was Neal's original last name (at birth)?
What was Neal's name in the Witness Protection Program?
What is Mozzie's real name?
Mozzie got his nickname from a teddy bear named...
What was Neal's most used alias?
What was Rebecca's real name?
Who stole the art from the u-boat?
Who killed Kate?
What is Neal's father's name?
What sport does Peter love?
Who shot Rebecca?
What did Rebecca and Hagen want Neal to find?
Who is Diana's son named after?
Where did Sara move to?
Peter was able to find Neal when he escaped from Kramer because of...
Did Keller kidnap Peter or Elizabeth?
Peter didn't move to Washington because Neal was denied...
What was the name of the criminal group Neal became a part of?
What was the name of Keller's handler in Interpol?
Which character did the infamous initials CH represent?
Hagen forced Neal to steal what from a church?
True or False: When Neal left the island to go home with Peter in season four Mozzie stayed on the island
What was the name of the wine Kate left for Neal when she disappeared and he in turn left for Peter when he left?
Neal gave Mozzie what before the job with the pink panthers?
What was the man who took Kate wearing in the picture Neal found?
Who did Hagen supposedly kidnap?
What was Ellen Parker's real name?
Who refused to admit to his crime, causing Peter to go to jail?
How long was Neal's original prison sentence?
Who killed Keller?
What were Neal's last words to Peter?
Peter named his son...
Why did Mozzie and Neal have a falling out in season three?
Mozzie helped who give birth to their child?
What was the name of Jones' ex-fiance?
Where did Elizabeth get a job when they were planning to move to Washington in season five?
Who killed Neal?
What stage of grief does Mozzie say he's in when talking to Peter on the street corner in the series finale?
Where does Neal Caffrey live?

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