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Old White Man Says:answers
What type of business did Pierce run?
What is the condition Pierce's sperm suffers from?
According to Pierce, what is the most important tool to our survival?
What does Pierce want people to wish him to his face?
What phrase is Pierce trying to coin?
What did Pierce command through an electrical storm?
How does Pierce introduce Abed to the group during their first meeting?
Where does Pierce think his mother goes after her death?
How does Pierce break both his legs?
How does Pierce find out about the trampoline?
How does Pierce steer his wheelchair?
Who does Pierce get yoghurt with?
How many times was Pierce married and divorced?
What does Pierce Shirley do when she gives a presentation?
What does Pierce draw during Pictionary?
What does Pierce call Dean Pelton during their first meeting?
For what action does the group throw Pierce out?
What is Pierce dressed up as during the first Greendale Halloween?
Who does Pierce bite during the second Halloween party?
What song does Pierce 'accidentally' steal for the school song?
Old White Man Says:answers
Reaching what religious achievement leads Pierce to wear the Cookie Crisp Wizard robes?
When you reach a high level at Pierce's church, what will you be able to eat?
Who posts everything Pierce says online under the name 'Old White Man Says?'
How does Pierce announce to the world that Michelle and Jeff are dating?
What is practiced on the Indonesian island Pierce learns about at the lawyer party?
According to Pierce, what is India's version of the Muppets Show?
What does Pierce think is his value?
When does Pierce want to make Troy wear when he moves in with him?
When describing a yarmulke Pierce says: 'half a hat....'
Pierce demands someone to be in his entourage with this name?
What does Pierce hope to become if Abed turns out to be a terrorist?
Who does Pierce hire to write jokes about Kickpuncher for him?
Which singer does Pierce inexplicably hate?
What does Pierce call Britta when he first introduces her?
After Pierce 'drowns' during sailing class, in what does he return, only to end up drowning for 'real'?
Who does Pierce hang out with after the gang makes him feel like a child?
What does Pierce shoot Abed and Troy in the eyes with?
How does Pierce try to help Britta to quit smoking?
What 'happens' Pierce to be wearing during the paintball game?
What, besides having a family and sharing your life, is something Pierce can't just knock out at the end?

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