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Can you name the notable characters from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?

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Clue or DescriptionCharacter
Emperor recently assassinated
Kvatch guard captain
In the beginning of the game you likely stole this killed Blade's sword
This man insulted you from the cell over
Leader of the Mythic Dawn Cult
This man takes note of your actions and comes to you while you sleep
The heir to the throne you are to escort to Cloud Ruler Temple
She practices hand-to-hand near the Arena with her friend
Character crusading against the Gray Fox
Count of Skingrad
You find this paranoid man behind a temple in Skingrad
King of Worms
Trapped in a living painting...
One of the Argonian leaders of the Dark Brotherhood
Your character and this man survive the prologue to the game
You acquire this man's horse in the beginning of the game
The Count of Skingrad's wife
Dark Brotherhood vampire
Bosmer Archer in the Thieves Guild
A ghost your character can find wandering near County Bravil
Clue or DescriptionCharacter
Owner of the Bloated Float Inn
Bloodthirsty Dunmer vampire beneath Castle Skingrad
Breton aristocrat in the Whodunit quest
Argonian woman kidnapped and taken to Hackdirt
Orc who hunts down Black Bow Bandits alongside your character
Argonian your character competes with to get into the Thieves' Guild
Leader of the gang who takes the Bloated Float Inn out to sea
Current Arch-Mage of the Mage's Guild
Blue robed Khajiit who also appeared in Morrowind
Owner of the Copious Coinpurse
High elf trapped in his own dreams
Bright orange hair...annoying...
Refugee fleeing Kvatch
Member of Mages Guild in Bruma whose prank saved his life
A paranoid man in Skingrad is sure this woman is watching him...
Female Argonian wizard in the Mages Guild of Bravil
Nord publican at Goodwill Inn in Bleaker's Way
Argonian woman living in Bravil who offers basic training in Sneak
Your character assassinates this Imperial Legion commander who retires to Leyawiin
Female Redguard holed up in the chapel in Kvatch

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