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Plays central role in many emotional processes, particularly formation of emotional memories and asscoiations
Highest level of the brain in that it controls complex cognitive, emotional, sensory, and motor functions
Area of the brain that coordinates info coming in and out of the spinal cord
Supports the most complex perceptual, motor, emotional, and cognitive functions of the nervous system
Illustrates which parts of the body are more sensitive based on how much space on somatasensory cortex is devoted to them
Relays info from cerebellum to rest of brain
Parts of body are mapped onto it. More sensitive parts have more space mapped onto them
A set of nerves part of the ANS that returns the body to its normal state
Responsible for motor skills and motor memory
Responsible for hearing and language
Helps prevent pain from 'Ghost limb clenching' and the like
Parts of the brain
Specialized areas for movement, abstract thinking, planning, memory, and judgement
Contains tectum and tegmentum, and substantia nigra
Regulates body temp, hunger, thirst, and sexual behavior
Branches down front the brain to relay commands to the body
Parts of the central nervous system
Releases hormones that direct the functions of many other glands
Processes touch info
Brain's ability to change due to environmental and biological experiences
A set of nerves that we have concious control over and use to perceive, think, and coordinate behaviors
help orient organism in the environment and guide movement toward or away from stimuli
Relays and filters info from the senses (except smell) and transmits the info to the cerebral cortex
A small cluster of neurons inside the medulla that regulate sleep, wakefulness, and levels of arousal
Processes visual info
Ensures everything is functioning smoothly
Coordinates heart rate, circulation, and respiration
Directs intentional movements and motor planning
Areas of the brain housed under the cerebral cortex in the center of the brain
A set of nerves that carries involuntary commands that control blood vessels, body organs, and glands
Consists of the somatic and autonomic nervous system
A set of nerves part of the ANS that prepares the body for action in threatening situations
Involved in voluntary action, provides a lot of dopamine to brain
Connects the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex and supports communication across hemispheres
Outermost layer of brain responsible for complex aspects of perception, emotion, movement, and thought
Critical in creating new memories

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