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Date of first shots of civil war
Confederate General during Bull Run
Church where Grant gathered troops
Confederacy's largest city and busiest port
Ships that could splinter wooden ships
Commander of army after General Johnston was wounded
Battle fought on September 17 by a creek in Massachusetts
General Lincoln fired after Antietam
Confederate government sent 2 diplomats to gain support from Britain and France
Lincoln issued this in order to slow slavery down
Court order that requires authorities to bring a person before court and explain why they are being jailed
The most famous copperhead
He suspended Habeas Corpus in the confederacy
A draft that would force certain members if the population to serve in the army
Reason for Riots in NYC during 1863
Race at the beginning of the war that neither the union or the confederates accepted
Massacre where over 200 African-American prisoners were killed and others begged for their lives
Tax that takes a specified percentage of an individual's income
Nations first superintendent of women nurses
Union nurse known for courage at Antietam
Turning point of the civil war
Captured by Union to obtain Mississippi River
Said by Lincoln, this 'remade America'
Grant appointed him as commander of the military divison of the Mississippi
Created a wide path of destruction all the way through Georgia
Year of the election where McClellan ran against Lincoln
Where Lee and Grant met to arrange a Confederate surrender
Amendment that outlawed slavery
Barton helped found this in 1881
Southern sympathizer who shot Lincoln

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