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Can you name the words, names, terms involving a body part ?

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Measurement of Lengthfoot
College basketball team with 5 national championships
Rod Stewart's Band
Begins a hockey game
Object hammered into walls
2005 Movie starring Rachel McAdams
Slang for laborer originating in the 1930s
Overly curious
Chinese animal known for eating bamboo
Fake singing
Symbol for a hazardous chemical
Part of a book
Band that sings 'Walking on the Sun' and 'All-Star'
The suspect is considered....
Advantage over the competition
Baby cow
Measurement of Lengthfoot
Go in Reverse
Christian doctrine to respond to an aggressor without violence
Hockey shot
Parts of a zipper
Don't feel bad or guilty
Type of punishment to ensure the punishments fits the crime first described in the Bible
The Brain's partner in crime
Part of a bike
The Miami Dolphin
Popular musical and 2007 movie
Tropical Plant
1920s Jazz musician
Popular celebration between two people after a touchdown

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