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common namefamily namesuborder
Louse fliesBrachycera
Scuttle fliesBrachycera
BALLOONS flyBrachycera
March fliesNematocera
Moth fliesNematocera
Soldier fliesBrachycera
Calyptrate flyBrachycera
Long-legged flyBrachycera
Big-headed fliesBrachycera
Muscid fliesBrachycera
Hover fliesBrachycera
Robber fliesBrachycera
Large crane fliesNematocera
Winter crane fliesNematocera
Bot fliesBrachycera
common namefamily namesuborder
Non-biting midgesNematocera
Black fliesNematocera
Fungus gnatsNematocera
No-see-ums (Biting midges)Nematocera
Tachinid fliesBrachycera
Gall midgesNematocera
Dark-winged fungus gnatsNematocera
Snipe fliesBrachycera
Flesh fliesBrachycera
Horse fliesBrachycera
Bee fliesBrachycera
Blow fliesBrachycera
Dancer fliesBrachycera

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