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QUIZ: Can you name the My Chemical Romance Trivia?

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What mythological creature does Mikey Way believe in?
Who is the shortest band member?
Who was the drummer during The Black Parade?
Where is My Chemical Romance From?
Frank Iero was in what band before MCR?
How many years was MCR around for?
Gerard got the idea for teenagers while what?
Does Ray toro play lead or rhythm guitar?
What was MCR's first album?
What was MCR' last album?
What year did The Black Parade come out?
What inspired the name My Chemical Romance?
What inspired Gerard to form MCR?
Finish the lyric... They're gonna clean up your looks...
Desolation Row was in the credits for what movie?
What is gerard afraid of?
Which band member is married to Lyn-Z?
Three Cheers for...
What is 'The Company' from Danger Days?

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