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EnglishFrenchSpecial characters to copy and paste
last weekend
a green skirt
it was a golden pené
I saw a show
we sangé
I ate some steaké
big kisses (to end a letter)
I boughté
yesterday I read my book
I'm going to stay at homeà
I won the matché
we went to the poolé à
we went into towné
next weekend
it snowed and it rainedé
I'm going to drink
I went to the beaché à
I'm going to go
EnglishFrenchSpecial characters to copy and paste
there is a lot of homework
I vomited on the cat
I'm going to buy
I drank some Coke
it wasé
we went to the parké
I'm going to visit
I played tennisé
I ate a cheese sandwiché
there was / there were
I visited a castleâ é
intelligent like me
I lost my golden pen
it is
it was greaté
I'm going to eat
I'm going to see
I went to the restauranté
we dancedé

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