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What were the four causes of World War 1?
What was another force that helped set the stage for war in Europe?
Why were Germany and Austria-Hungary known as Central Powers?
What is the Schlieffen Plan?
What happened in the beginning of the war with Russia?
What was the 'spark' that set off the war
What was there style of warfare?
Who was Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
Who was Gavrillo Princip
What happened when Ferdinand was assassinated?
What were other technological innovations?
What is nationalism?
What is conscription?
What was Industrial mobilization?
What was World War 1?
What happened on 28th of July?
What happened on November,4,1918?
What happened by the end of the war?
What happened the map of Europe?
What did the League of Nations form?
What happened with this aim?
What happened in the 19th Century
When did this balance of power happened?
What happened in October 1873?
How did German industrial and economic power grow?

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