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K and Cl concentrations build up inside the cell as a result of the
often occurs via channels or by transmembrane proteins that act as carriers
use both large and small pipes-small pipes at exchange sites and large pipes for moving fluid from one exchange to another
Spiracles…respiratory tubes Chitin and waxy cuticle Malpighian tubules
_________ and cells remain in bloodstream during filtration in renal corpuscle
Na/K ATPase pumps _____ into epithelial cells
Functions as a countercurrent multiplier that maximizes the transfer of soluble substances between the tubes by setting up an osmotic gradient
fluids and small solutes are pushed through pores and the filtration slits into __________
Na/K ATPase pumps _____ out of epithelial cells into surround ec fluid
are inserted into collecting duct More water is recovered from collecting duct to blood Small volume of concentrated urine is produced
Saltwater-tissues are ___________ to seawater
secreted in the bloodstream
No notochord, no post anal tail, but dorsal nerve cord and gill slits
requires membrane proteins that act as pumps and energy expenditure in the form of ATP
Total cross-sectional area of smaller pipes greatly exceeds that of larger pipes so that velocity is ________ in larger pipes
Freshwater-tissues are ___________ to seawater
________ limb of henle: highly permeable to na and cl and almost completely impermeable to water
feathers for insulation and powered flight, aves
solutes move from area of higher concentration to area of lower concentrations
have similar glands to sharks
_________ and ________ inhibit the production of ADH and leads to excessive urination No ADH produced…collecting duct is impermeable to wate
________ fish produce small amounts of concentrated urine
Lobe-finned fish, early tetropod, then Paleozoic tetropod- development of _________
Phylum echinoderms and class crinoidea
How do the sodium ions finally get into the lumen of the shark rectal gland?
________ limb of henle: has sodium and chloride channels
A defect in the CFTR gene causes ________ in humans
gain some electrolytes in food and lose some in urine, helps balance
is always used for short distance transport, but it is augmented by bulk flow of fluid for any long distance transport.
hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland that constricts small blood vessels and increases the absorption of water by the kidney
selective absorption takes place in the ________ tubules
basi unti of kidney
Gain some water and electrolytes in food, some water and electrolytes are lost in urine. what animal?
Na/Cl/K co-transporter power by the gradient favoring Na diffusion brings these three ions from the extracellular fluid into epithelial cells
water moves from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentrations
________ limb of henle: highly permeable to water, impermeable to solutes
deuterostomes have ____________, which means that the coelom buds from endotherm
Phylum Chordata, class aves
Echinoderms and Chordata
Bilateral symmetry in larvae and radial symmetry in adults suggests that radial symmetry is ___________

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