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tics and mites are
marine larval stage with a ring of cilia around the middle
Coelom and metamerism unite ____________
Phylum arthopoda, subphylum chelicerata, and class merostomata
Which Arthropod subphylum has biramous appendages
parasites that live inside of a host like tapeworm
body plan- organisms with a cavity within the mesoderm tissue
suspension feeding tentacles
are molluscs ecdysozoa
Exoskeleton, jointed appendages, metamorphosis
protostomes are a ___________ group
body plan- no internal cavity, all diploblasts
parasites that live outside of host like lice
coelom buds off from the edoderm
trematoda, monogenea, cestoda, turbellaria
only ectoderm and mesoderm in embryo
Class Polychaeta, class oligochaeta, class hirudin
nematoda and arthropods, shed skin to grow larger
body plan- organisms with a cavity between endoderm and mesoderm
partial metamorphosis like a grasshopper
spiral cleavage, mouth develops first, coelom develops within blocks of mesoderm
radial cleavage, mouth develops second, coelom develops from mesoderm cells that bud off the endoderm
coelom develops from within the mesoderm
segmented worms, leeches-leeches especially considered as parasitic
have also mesoderm which gives rise to bone, circulatory systems, muscle and tissues for locomotion
Rotifera, Playtheminthes, Annelida, and Molluska
complete metamorphosis like a butterfly or fruitfly
all major animal phyla appeared 580-250 MYA

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