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The O in HIPPO
extreme environments, diverse metabolism, filaments, rods, discs, and spheres
cytoplasms of fungi fuse
mitochondria was originally derived from __________.
fungi that form spores on pedestals called basidia
chloroplast was originally derived from ______________
two nuclei of fungi fuse
shapes that vary from rod to filaments, high GC content, important soil decomposers
lack cell walls. single-celled amoeba, planktonic, chalk and limestone
fungi that have hyphae that yoke together to form zygotes
method in which sample cells from environment are grown; hard to get pure culture, many other organisms often grow
spiral, filamentous, rod or disc shaped live in extreme environments, do not cause disease
small corkscrew shaped single cells, some cause syphilis and lime disease.
fungi toxin that causes delayed onset of seizures, liver failure, kidney failure, death
proteobacteria were obtained through primary endosymbiosis by common ancestor of ___________________.
web-like cells, decomposers, cell crawling
The I in HIPPO
The P in HIPPO
fungi toxin that causes neurological disorders, 'trippy'
alveoli, move by cilia or 2 flagella, malaria
3 groups in lineage have flagella with hair-like projections, live in aquatic habitats, irish potato famine
fungi that form spores in sacs called asci
The H in HIPPO
small solitary or colonial cells that perform photosynthesis, can fix nitrogen, and were responsible for oxygen revolution
fungi toxin that causes symptoms when consumed within 72 hours of alcohol
fungi that have swimming gametes and spores
The P in HIPPO
low GC content and are gram positive, resting spores, anthrax, step throat, used in production of cheese and yogurt
spherical cells that live as parasites in animal cells, cause 'the clap'
cyanobacteria was obtained trough primary endosymbiosis by
maintaining genetic diversity and population size in organisms natural habitat
1200 species, rods, spirals, spheres, cholera, salmonella, gonorhhea
- you know conditions and isolated DNA from arches, when microbes can't be cultured; limited information about metabolism, genetics
rod shaped, diverse metabolism, oxidize ammonia, found deep in oceans, estuaries and soil
removal of organisms from natural habitat to artificial ones such as zoos
Protists are ______________ and this makes it difficult to identify a single character that uniquely defines them.
excavated feeding groove and live in termite guts. limited to asexual reproduction
fungi toxin that causes vomiting, diarrhea
green algae was obtained through secondary endosymbiosis by ancestor of __________, diatoms, and dinoflagellates.

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