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phototroph and autotroph (letters of type of organism)
coal forests with ferns, horsetails, and lycopods
source of ATP is organic molecules
chemolithotroph and autotroph
source of carbon is from other organisms
services that enrich the quality of human life including recreation and ecotourism
first dinosaurs appear
65 MYA- present
age of fishes
chemolithotroph and heterotroph
asteroid impacted Earth at Yucatan peninsula and caused dust cloud that blocked out the sun,; mass extinction at end of ______________.
source of ATP is inorganic molecules
bias- recent fossils are more common than older ones
source of ATP is light
bias- common species are represented more
age of mammals
age of dinosaurs
ice ages
source of carbon is CO2
bias- organisms living in sediment are more likely to fossilize due to rapid burial
chemoorgonotroph and autotroph (letters of organism)
eurypterids (water scorpions)
pangea forms
services- providing raw material that directly benefits humans: food, fuel, drugs, etc.
first flowering plants
540 MYA - 540 MYA
all major animal phyla occur
services- healthy ecosystems increase quality of environment includes clean air and clean water
phototroph and heterotroph
bias- hard-bodied animals are much more likely to fossilize than soft-shelled ones
250 MYA- 65 MYA
We should care about the loss of __________ because of provisioning services, cultural services, and ecosystem services.
chemoorgonotroph and heterotroph
jawless fishes appear

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