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Forced Order
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the endpoint of a successional pathway containing long lived species and a stable ecosystem
simple count of # of species in a community
everything about how an organism makes its living including required nutrients, habitat parameters, etc.
weighted measure of community composition that incorporates the number of species along with relative abundance
type of competition exhibited by plants that occurs when one species produce toxins that negatively affect another
evenness in relative abundance of individuals from each species
type of competition that occurs when organisms interfere dirtily with each others access to specific resources
type of competition that occurs when individuals compete for same resources
type of competition that occurs when individuals occupy space and prevent access to resources by other individuals
scientist that said that communities are neither stable nor predictable
geometric illustration explaining the concept that there can only be 4-5 trophic levels in any ecosystem
increase in Earth's surface temperature
predator that has unusually large impact on an ecosystem
type of competition that explains why male birds sing, organism protect feeding or breeding territory
a species that has a great impact on the surrounding species relative to its abundance
defense that is turned on or turned up only in presence of a predator
hypothesis that explains coevolutionary arms race
early successional species that devote most energy to reproduction but have little competitive ability
type of competition that occurs when an organism overgrows another blocking access to resources
scientist that said that communities are stable, integrated, orderly, and predictable

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