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organism that can synthesize own food from organic sources
niche used in the absence of other species
parasitism, predation, and herbivory are all types of _________________.
Plasmodium is a parasite that is associated with the process in which parasite and hosts immune system evolve
recovery of community following disturbance that removes only biomass
camouflage/cryptic coloration, weapons, mimicry, escape behavior, schooling, and toxins are all examples of what?
model that incorporates life tables, metapopulation, dynamics and known threats to extinction to determine if a species will persist for next 100 years
-/- interaction
Natural selection favors individuals that do not compete
consumers that eat dead organisms or their waste
Abiotic environment, primary producers, consumers, and decomposers make up an _____________.
species that look dangerous and are dangerous
niche in which weaker competitor shifts to avoid competition
Principle that states that niches of two different species can't overlap
+/+ interaction
species that look dangerous but are not harmful to other species
Individuals are captured, counted, and marked; marked individuals are released into pop.; second sample taken to count marked vs unmarked. mptions: free to roam around between capt
the number of female offspring produced by a single female in age class x (mx)
small, ephemeral population with low genetic diversity
the average number of female offspring that a female produces over the course of her lifetime (R0)
grid or set of lines are layed out in the habitat; all organisms along transect or in quadrat are counted; counts are extrapolated to entire habitat size to obtain pop. estimate. A
Fragmented populations that exist as large and stable source populations and disperse to small and ephemeral sink populations are collectively referred to as a a
the average number of female offspring produced by a single female overtime
soil, climate, atmosphere, nutrients
+/0 interaction
large stable population that is genetically diverse and subject to emigration
herbivores and carnivores
bright contrasting coloration intended to be a warning signal
an outcome from human impact on global nitrogen wast cycle that results in reduction of oxygen in aquatic communities
How would you estimated the population size of mushrooms in a field?
How would you estimate the population size of sunfish in a farm pond?
the proportion of energy an organism devotes to growth and reproduction and is therefore available to the next trophic level
the total amount of photosynthesis energy in a given area and time
the recovery of a community after a biological disturbance that removes both soil and biomass
How many types of consumptive interaction are there?

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