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form tips of tree
decreases diversity by favoring one extreme phenotype
artificial group that includes one common ancestor and all of its descendants
unbranched speciation
logistic growth
Closest relatives
maintains diversity by not favoring any single phenotype
Evolutionary history of a group of organisms
A derived trait that is shared by several closely related taxa and unite them into a monophyletic group
steady survivorship
Derived trait that is only present in one taxon, does not help unite other taxon
low survivorship
exponential growth
bounded by two nodes; represents a pop. through time
characteristic that existed in an ancestor
represents a point in time when an ancestral species split into two or more descendent species
one common ancestor and all if its decedents. They all share the same synapomorphy
node with greater than 2 branches
decreases diversity by favoring average phenotype over extremes
Draw all possible tree topologies, unite taxa based on synapomorphies, use parsimony to find the best tree, and make a character matrix
artificial group that includes several ancestors but not all of their descendants
high survivorship
Humans originated in Africa and emigrated to other parts of the world; humans did not hybridize with any other genus besides homo
branched speciation
most basal branch and implies the tree continues below
modified form of ancestral trait, found in descendent
Progmatism, forum magnum, braincase size, and canine diasthema are characters that differ between ________________.
set of taxa of interest
An ancestral trait that is shared by all taxa on the tree
Designed phylogenetic trees based on DNA sequences from diverse populations living today; provided support for out of africa
ends with a taxon
Said that 1-4% of genome of Europeans and Asians is derived from Neanderthals; rejects no hybridization part of out of africa
increases diversity by favoring both extremes against the average

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