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__________ acts on individuals but only populations evolve.
Mating between close relatives; decrease heterozygosity and can decrease fitness
Certain alleles enhance male attractiveness; large variation in reproductive success in males but produces adaptation
A species is the smallest monophyletic group on a phylogenetic tree
Certain alleles lead to better survival; produces adaptation to environment, increases fitness
A species is a group of evolutionary independent organisms that differ from others in shape, size or other morphological features
Movement of alleles between populations; used as a conservation tool to increase heterozygosity of a small population
Random changes in allele frequencies in small populations; usually decreases fitness by chance fixation of alleles in a small population
Offspring have double the number of chromosomes of parent; can form sympatric species rapidly
Production of new alleles; random, and blind to needs of organism, but often decreases fitness
A species is a group of organisms that are reproductively isolated and do not interbreed,if they do offspring is not viable or are sterile

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