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Forced Order
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Genetic drift in which a catastrophic event wipes out most individuals within a large population
loss of genetic variation that occurs when a new population is established by a very small number of individuals from a larger population
The difference in certain characteristics between male and female
Can be used to solve the Problem of Induction by making an assumption that the same natural laws and processes we see today have acted the same in the past
Similar selective pressures cause distantly related organisms to resemble one another
describes the ability to both survive and reproduce
Subset of a continuous population disperses from its homeland over a geographic barrier to colonize a new habitat
Specific fossils appear in specific rock layers
'One snip test', all organisms share a common ancestor
Polyploidy that arises from hybridization between two species
No mutation, no gene flow, no selection, no random drift, and no assertive mating are assumptions of what model?
2 populations or species live in the same geographic area
A large population is surrounded into two or more units by a barrier
Homologies and biogeography provide evidence that species are _______________. (Evolution)
Once a Scientific Law is formed, this type of reasoning is used to make predictions that further check the validity of that Law
A mutation doubling the chromosome number arises within a species due to an error in mitosis
Adaption to a new environment
Artificial Selection, Biostratigraphy, Law of Succession, Transitional Fossils and Vestigial Traits all provide evidence that species _______________________.
Fossils that have been discovered with traits that are intermediate between
Selection for traits that isolate populations reproductively
The formation of a species through hybridization of two different species
argument by proponents of intelligent design that certain biological systems are too complex to have evolved from simpler, associated with intelligent design
a group consisting of an ancestor and all its descendants
Extinct fossil forms are found in the same restricted geographic areas as their descendants
If the chi-squared value is significant, is a population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
These type of species form when a common vicariance event isolates a set of widespread species with the same barrier (Snapping shrimp)
Type of sexual selection in which females choose males with exaggerated traits
Males evolve exaggerated traits to battle between themselves for access to mates
A reduced or incompletely developed structure that has no current function for that organism

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