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The pattern of change overtime and mechanisms that support the pattern
2 populations have different habitat preferences
Codiscoverers of mathematical model to predict allele or genotype frequencies when no evolutionary forces are present
His ideas on inheritance combined with Darwinian Selection, 'Neo-Darwinism'
Male and female genetalia are no longer compatible
Geologist that promoted uniformitarianism and showed the earth was old.
Generate hypothesis, design experiment to test hypothesis, analyze results, accept or reject the hypothesis
English naturalist and assistant surgeon, traveled the world on HMS Rattlesnake and became a passionate defender of Natural Selection
Curator of insects and parasitic worms, 'Use and Disuse', 'ladder of life'
Natural theologian whose ideas of Irreducible Complexity and Arguments from Design are making a resurgence as 'Intelligent Design'
Traits vary within a population- scientist
Studies medicine, theology, and traveled around the world as a naturalist on the HMS Beagle
The two things that are needed for speciation
Traits can be passed down to offspring- scientist
Augustinian monk who established laws of inheritance
Random selection of traits, beneficial traits passed on to offspring and increase within population
egg and sperm no longer compatible
Evolution is a law or a theory?
Codiscoverers of evolution by Natural Selection (2)
No hard evidence and no testable experiment
Scientist- Some lineages are more fit and likely to survive than others
Made first observations that plants and animals produce more offspring than can survive (Not Darwin)
The pattern of change overtime
Created binomial nomenclature system
Grandfather to Charles Darwin, believed in evolution, mechanism was an effort of will
Scientist that said that within a species of endotherms, more heavily pigmented forms tend to be found in more humid environments
German Anatomist that explained the strong correlation of body size with latitude
Helped develop modern mathematical theory of population genetics
2 populations breed at different times
Scientist- Individuals can reproduce more offspring than can survive
2 populations have different courtships

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