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regulates initiation of transcription
contain a dna binding domain and an activator domain that binds to other proteins
motif in which two alpha-helical segments separated by a loop. always occur as dimers and proceeded by basic amino acid stretch that binds DNA
100-150 bp upstream from start site
structures related to transcription factors and that interact with dan sequences
DNA elements that stimulate transcription and can influence events at the core promoter through the formation of a DNA loop
technique used to determine parts of a promoter that are important in transcription. DNA molecules with deletions in promoter are prepared, transcription is monitored
_______ recognize proteins linked to ubiquitin
processing level control in which protein diversity is generated. different combinations of exon in final product
______ increases dna binding specificities of transcription factors
alters simultaneous monitoring of all the sites within the genome that are bound by a particular transcription factor
located from the TATA box to the start, where initiation complex assembles
What happens when Iron binds to IRP (iron response element) and ferritin mRNA is accessible.
technique used to determine sites at which transcription factors are bound to a region of chromatin. chromatin isolated, treated with DNA digesting enzymes that destroy unbound DNA
changes in this cause changes in the activity of certain genes
large complexes that serve as intermediates for transcription factors, divided into two classes
_______ transfer ubiquitin to proteins being degraded
What happens when Iron is removed and is unable to bind to IRP?
150-1000 bp upstream from start site
involved in transcriptional repression, remove acetyl groups and repress transcription
motif in which leucine is at every 7th amino acid in an a-helix. Homo or heterodimers, stretch of basic amino acid on one side
cordon of a promoter and its enhancer from other elements
key enzyme in gluconeogenesis that is controlled by a variety of transcription factors that bind to DNA response elements
technique used to monitor the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously
motif in which a metal ion of each finger is held in place by two cysteines (beta sheet) and two histadines (alpha helix)
demonstrated in fruit fly embryo, process that is determined by an mRNAs 3' UTRs
upstream and required for initiation of many genes

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