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continents have changed position throughout geological time (Wegener)
plants that have male and female parts
__________ is the multicellular haploid stage that produces haploid gametes via mitosis.
__________ is the multicellular diploid stage that produces haploid spores via meiosis.
test conducted to determine presence of peptidoglycan layer, susceptible to penicillin-like drugs
sporophyte is major vegetative state, produces 2 types of spores, pollination by wind, seed is released and germinates and developing sporophyte
gametophyte is major vegetative state, sperm swims to egg, short-lived sporophyte grows as a brown stalk
series of 4 steps that are used to establish a link between a specific bacteria and a specific disease
process that explains distribution of Nif genes
triploid product of second fertilization in angiosperms and provides nourishment for the embryo
process of transferring the male gametophyte from one plant to female cone or flower stigma.

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