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RankFilmDirector, Year
1Michel Gondry, '04
2Spike Lee, '02
3P.T. Anderson, '07
4Coen Brothers, '07
5Christoper Nolan, '00
6Hayao Miyazaki, '01
7Quentin Tarantino, '03
8Andrew Jarecki, '03**
9Terrence Malick, '05
10Alfonso Cuaron, '06
11Laurent Cantet, '01
12Richard Linklater, '04
13Werner Herzog, '05**
14Pedro Almodovar, '02
15Alfonso Cuaron, '01
16Cameron Crowe, '00
17Wes Anderson, '01
RankFilmDirector, Year
18David Lynch, '01
19Peter Jackson, '02
20Noah Baumbach, '05
21David Fincher, '07
22Paul Greengrass, '06
23Coen Brothers, '01
24Edward Yang, '00
25Lukas Moodysson, '00
26Brad Bird, '04
27Tsai Ming-liang, '01
28Lynee Ramsay, '02
29Ang Lee, '00
30Andrew Stanton, '08
31Wong Kar-wai, '00
32Steven Spielberg, '01
33P.T. Anderson, '02
34Mary Harron, '00
RankFilmDirector, Year
35Richard Linklater, '01
36Guillermo del Toro, '06
37David Cronenberg, '05
38Kim Ki-duk, '03
39Christopher Nolan, '06
40Fernando Meirelles, '02
41Christopher Nolan, '08
42Dardenne Brothers, '05
43Ang Lee, '05
44Cristian Mungiu, '07
45Takashi Miike, '01
46Spike Jonze, '02
47Baz Luhrmann, '01
48Jafar Panahi, '03
49Gus Van Sant, '02
50Park Chan-wook, '03

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