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Can you name the following all-time leading rushers (as an NFL player) by the college they attended?

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College:Player:NFL Yards:
Alabama (1996-1999):9,453
Auburn (1993-1995):8,052
California (2004-2006):9,369
Clemson (1987-1989):8,614
Florida (1987-1989):18,355
Florida State (1993-1996):10,967
Miami FL (2001-2004):13,304
Nebraska (1995-1997):9,205
Notre Dame (1990-1992):13,662
Ohio State (1992-1995):10,441
College:Player:NFL Yards:
Oklahoma (2004-2006):11,962
Oklahoma State (1986-1988):15,269
Oregon State (2001-2003):11,438
Pittsburgh (1991-1994):14,101
Tennessee (1997-1999):10,607
Texas (1995-1998):10,009
UCLA (2003-2005):8,167
USC (1978-1981):12,243
Virginia (1996-1999):10,591
Washington (1996):11,214

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