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Can you name the planets in the Dune Universe?

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Planet CluePlanet Name
Homeworld of the legendary Swordmaster School
Ancestral home of House Atreides
Originally owned by House Harkonnen, but transferred to possession of House Atreides; birthplace of Muad'dib's jihad
Homeworld of House Harkonnen
Homeworld of the Bene Gesserit
Industrial producers of the universe
Original capital planet of the Imperium
Homeworld of House Corrino
Planet CluePlanet Name
Homeworld of the genetic manipulators of the universe who created gholas
Planet used to breed sandworms for the Bene Gesserit
Original homeworld of Omnius
Homeworld of the famous mercenary Jool Noret
Spacing Guild planet taken over by the Honored Matres
Old Synchronized planet recolonized by the League of Nobles
Homeworld of the Zensunni wanderers
Homeworld of the reincarnated thinking machines led by Omnius and Erasmus

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