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This Character was known for his lavish parties and rich lifestyle, good friend of Nick Carraway
Created by Arthur Conan Doyle, known for his expert detective skills, and his partner with a memorable name
A respected lawyer and father, he helps try to help an innocent African American man win his trial in Maycomb Alabama
A Character with a tragic backstory, who finds his place by going to a school
A Girl who wants to understand the world around her including racism with a boy named Jem, and a boy named Dill
An Unseen entity that rules over it's people with an iron fist in the nation of Oceania
A Character who cares for his owner and goes on adventures in the Woods
A Teacher who shows up to a house one rainy day to teach the children there how to have fun
Created by J. M. Barrie, he is a character who goes on adventures with his friends, never wanting to grow up
A monster in a scottish kingdom, who is a descendant of Cain, and eventually loses his arm to the iron jaws of a 'wolf'
A weaver who uses her expert skills with silk to save the life of her friend before he is slaughtered
A Mysterious character who lives behind closed doors and saves the lives of Scout and Jem
A Large, strong, simple minded man,with the love for soft things, who gets by during the Great Depression with the help of his friend
Created by A.A Milne, a character despite the help of his woodland friends, remains in a constant state of depression, even losing his tail every now and again
The Alter Ego of James Joyce, and serves as the anti hero and the protagonist
A Vain self centered spoiled woman who eventually needs to adapt her character to survive the sweeping winds of the Civil War
A Man of Appetites, inspired by Leopold Popper, Created by James Joyce
The Invisible narrator of the novel because no one sees his true self underneath all the prejudice. Created by
This Character is the valet for Bertie Wooster whose name has become the staple for Valets and Butlers
The Leader of a pack of criminals who wreak havoc across the U.S and Mexico, is thought to be a real person by
Eldest Member of the Glass Family, written in the short stories of J. D. Salinger
The Man who always likes things shaken up, who serves England as a womanizing spy
A icon for teenage rebellion and angst, and is one of the most important characters of 20th-century literature. (Another Creation of J. D. Salinger)
A traveling salesman who wakes up one morning to find he has gone through a strange change over night into a insect
a Indo-Trinidadia Man who strives for success but always ends up failing,then sets his goals to owning his own house
Created by Frank Kafka, He is a man put on trial for a crime that he is unaware of and the remote government won't inform him of
The Husband and a lawyer, belongs to a wealthy family who must deal with the changing america during the civil rights movement
Fictional Character of a crime series, Anti-Hero, Con Artist, Created by Patricia Highsmith
A French Algerian, who kills a Arab man who fought with his friend and is later put on trial for it
A woman who visits the island of Sykes in Scotland with her family. Her novel takes place with little dialogue, mostly thoughts and ideas

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