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Can you name the Women's Gymnastics Olympic Medal Winners (1952-2012)?

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Year/EventFull NameCountry
1952-All AroundSoviet Union
1952-Floor ExerciseHungary
1952-VaultSoviet Union
1952-Uneven BarsHungary
1952-Balance BeamSoviet Union
1956-All AroundSoviet Union
1956-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
1956-Floor ExerciseHungary
1956-VaultSoviet Union
1956-Uneven BarsHungary
1956-Balance BeamHungary
1960-All AroundSoviet Union
1960-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
1960-VaultSoviet Union
1960-Uneven BarsSoviet Union
1960-Balance BeamCzechoslovakia
1964-All AroundCzechoslovakia
1964-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
1964-Uneven BarsSoviet Union
1964-Balance BeamCzechoslovakia
1968-All AroundCzechoslovakia
1968-Floor ExerciseCzechoslovakia
1968-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
1968-Uneven BarsCzechoslovakia
1968-Balance BeamSoviet Union
1972-All AroundSoviet Union
1972-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
Year/EventFull NameCountry
1972-VaultEast Germany
1972-Uneven BarsEast Germany
1972-Balance BeamSoviet Union
1976-All AroundRomania
1976-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
1976-VaultSoviet Union
1976-Uneven BarsRomania
1976-Balance BeamRomania
1980-All AroundSoviet Union
1980-Floor ExerciseRomania
1980-Floor ExerciseSoviet Union
1980-VaultSoviet Union
1980-Uneven BarsEast Germany
1980-Balance BeamRomania
1984-All AroundUnited States
1984-Floor ExerciseRomania
1984-Uneven BarsUnited States
1984-Uneven BarsChina
1984-Balance BeamRomania
1984-Balance BeamRomania
1988-All AroundSoviet Union
1988-Floor ExerciseRomania
1988-VaultSoviet Union
1988-Uneven BarsRomania
1988-Balance BeamRomania
1992-All AroundUnified Team
1992-Floor ExerciseRomania
Year/EventFull NameCountry
1992-Uneven BarsChina
1992-Balance BeamUnified Team
1996-All AroundUkraine
1996-Floor ExerciseUkraine
1996-Uneven BarsRussia
1996-Balance BeamUnited States
2000-All AroundRomania
2000-Floor ExerciseRussia
2000-Uneven BarsRussia
2000-Balance BeamChina
2004-All AroundUnited States
2004-Floor ExerciseRomania
2004-Uneven BarsFrance
2004-Balance BeamRomania
2008-All AroundUnited States
2008-Floor ExerciseRomania
2008-VaultNorth Korea
2008-Uneven BarsChina
2008-Balance BeamUnited States
2012-All AroundUnited States
2012-Floor ExerciseUnited States
2012-Uneven BarsRussia
2012-Balance BeamChina

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