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Can you name the 1920-32 NFL Champions Starting Lineups?

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1920-Akron ProsTB-Brown
1920-Akron ProsFB-West Virginia
1920-Akron ProsBB-West Virginia
1920-Akron ProsWB-Wagner
1920-Akron ProsLE-Rutgers
1920-Akron ProsRE-Akron
1920-Akron ProsLT-Washington & Lee
1920-Akron ProsRT-Muhlenberg
1920-Akron ProsLG-Syracuse
1920-Akron ProsRG-Syracuse
1920-Akron ProsC-West Virginia
1921-Chicago StaleysQB-Penn
1921-Chicago StaleysLH-Illinois
1921-Chicago StaleysRH-Ohio St.
1921-Chicago StaleysFB-Purdue
1921-Chicago StaleysLE-Nebraska
1921-Chicago StaleysRE-Illinois
1921-Chicago StaleysLT-Wisconsin
1921-Chicago StaleysRT-Michigan St.
1921-Chicago StaleysLG-Ohio St.
1921-Chicago StaleysRG-Illinois
1921-Chicago StaleysC-Notre Dame
1922-Canton BulldogsTB-Penn St.
1922-Canton BulldogsFB-Lafayette
1922-Canton BulldogsBB-Navy
1922-Canton BulldogsWB-Dayton
1922-Canton BulldogsLE-Nebraska
1922-Canton BulldogsRE-Washington & Jefferson
1922-Canton BulldogsLT-Nebraska
1922-Canton BulldogsRT-Washington & Jefferson
1922-Canton BulldogsLG-Ohio St.
1922-Canton BulldogsRG-Penn St.
1922-Canton BulldogsC-Texas A&M
1923-Canton BulldogsTB-Texas
1923-Canton BulldogsFB-Lafayette
1923-Canton BulldogsBB-Penn St.
1923-Canton BulldogsWB-Texas
1923-Canton BulldogsLE-Nebraska
1923-Canton BulldogsRE-Washington & Jefferson
1923-Canton BulldogsLT-Nebraska
1923-Canton BulldogsRT-Washington & Jefferson
1923-Canton BulldogsLG-Georgetown
1923-Canton BulldogsRG-Penn St.
1923-Canton BulldogsC-Penn St.
1924-Cleveland BulldogsTB-Ohio St.
1924-Cleveland BulldogsFB-Indiana (PA)
1924-Cleveland BulldogsBB-Navy
1924-Cleveland BulldogsWB-Nebraska
1924-Cleveland BulldogsLE-Nebraska
1924-Cleveland BulldogsRE-Miami (OH)
1924-Cleveland BulldogsLT-Nebraska
1924-Cleveland BulldogsRT-Ohio Wesleyan
1924-Cleveland BulldogsLG-Georgetown
1924-Cleveland BulldogsRG-Notre Dame
1924-Cleveland BulldogsC-Penn St.
1925-Chicago CardinalsTB-Northwestern
1925-Chicago CardinalsFB-Northwestern
1925-Chicago CardinalsBB-Marquette
1925-Chicago CardinalsWB-Washington & Jefferson
1925-Chicago CardinalsLE-DePauw
1925-Chicago CardinalsRE-Notre Dame
1925-Chicago CardinalsLT-Harvard
1925-Chicago CardinalsRT-Cornell
1925-Chicago CardinalsLG-Marquette
1925-Chicago CardinalsRG-*None
1925-Chicago CardinalsC-Purdue
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsTB-Grinnell
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsFB-Gonzaga
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsBB-Indiana (PA)
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsWB-Penn
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsLE-Lehigh
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsRE-Penn St.
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsLT-Clemson
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsRT-Lafayette
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsLG-Lehigh
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsRG-Georgetown
1926-Frankford Yellow JacketsC-Bucknell
1927-New York GiantsTB-Penn St.
1927-New York GiantsFB-Syracuse
1927-New York GiantsBB-Georgia Tech
1927-New York GiantsWB-Texas A&M
1927-New York GiantsLE-Arkansas
1927-New York GiantsRE-Geneva
1927-New York GiantsLT-Phillips
1927-New York GiantsRT-Yale
1927-New York GiantsLG-Notre Dame
1927-New York GiantsRG-*None
1927-New York GiantsC-Georgetown
1928-Providence Steam RollerTB-Washington
1928-Providence Steam RollerFB-Washington & Jefferson
1928-Providence Steam RollerBB-Brown
1928-Providence Steam RollerWB-Boston College
1928-Providence Steam RollerLE-Indiana
1928-Providence Steam RollerRE-Brown
1928-Providence Steam RollerLT-Detroit Mercy
1928-Providence Steam RollerRT-SW Oklahoma St.
1928-Providence Steam RollerLG-Bethany (KS)
1928-Providence Steam RollerRG-Purdue
1928-Providence Steam RollerC-Missouri
1929-Green Bay PackersHB-St. John's (MN)
1929-Green Bay PackersTB-Illinois
1929-Green Bay PackersFB-Michigan
1929-Green Bay PackersBB-Marquette
1929-Green Bay PackersLE-Marquette
1929-Green Bay PackersRE-Minnesota
1929-Green Bay PackersLT-Pittsburgh
1929-Green Bay PackersRT-Geneva
1929-Green Bay PackersLG-Penn St.
1929-Green Bay PackersRG-Alabama
1929-Green Bay PackersC-Wisconsin
1930-Green Bay PackersTB-Nebraska
1930-Green Bay PackersFB-Michigan
1930-Green Bay PackersBB-Marquette
1930-Green Bay PackersWB-South Dakota St.
1930-Green Bay PackersLE-Marquette
1930-Green Bay PackersRE-Minnesota
1930-Green Bay PackersLT-Geneva
1930-Green Bay PackersRT-Purdue
1930-Green Bay PackersLG-Penn St.
1930-Green Bay PackersRG-Alabama
1930-Green Bay PackersC-Wisconsin
1931-Green Bay PackersTB-Northwestern
1931-Green Bay PackersTB-St. John's (MN)
1931-Green Bay PackersFB-Georgia
1931-Green Bay PackersBB-Creighton
1931-Green Bay PackersLE-Marquette
1931-Green Bay PackersRE-Georgia
1931-Green Bay PackersLT-Northwestern
1931-Green Bay PackersRT-Purdue
1931-Green Bay PackersLG-Penn St.
1931-Green Bay PackersRG-Alabama
1931-Green Bay PackersC-Drake
1932-Chicago BearsQB-Monmouth (IL)
1932-Chicago BearsFB-Minnesota
1932-Chicago BearsLH-Illinois
1932-Chicago BearsRH-Drake
1932-Chicago BearsLE-Northwestern
1932-Chicago BearsRE-Michigan
1932-Chicago BearsLT-Northwestern
1932-Chicago BearsRT-Illinois
1932-Chicago BearsLG-Oregon St.
1932-Chicago BearsRG-Tennessee-Chattanooga
1932-Chicago BearsC-Purdue

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