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Can you name the title of the episode in which the event took place?

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Dexter stalks a man with multiple identities who runs people over with his car while under the influence of alcohol
Dexter tips off Miami Metro that Tony Tucci is being held in the basement of an abandoned hospital
Dexter and Rita take a trip to Dade City when he learns that his biological father has passed away
Dexter rescues Debra and has a final showdown with the Ice Truck Killer
Dexter enters a 'Narcotics Anonymous' program when Rita threatens to leave him
Dexter and Lila have sex after Rita breaks up with him
Dexter learns about the true nature of Harry's death while he has Sgt. Doakes confined to a cage in the everglades
Dexter avenges Sgt. Doakes' death by flying to Paris to kill Lila
Dexter mistakenly kills Oscar Prado while stalking another killer
Dexter lets Miguel kill his first victim, leading to him killing an innocent shortly after
Dexter proposes that he and Miguel permanently end their partnership
Dexter and Rita tie the knot
Dexter kills a police officer who murdered her entire family
Dexter is invited to the Mitchell house for Thanksgiving
Dexter is confronted by the Trinity Killer at Miami Metro
Dexter returns home after killing Arthur Mitchell to find his wife, Rita dead in the bathtub
Dexter is witnessed killing Boyd Fowler
Dexter cleans up after Lumen when she attempts to kill one of the men who tortured her
Dexter has a surprise visitor when Astor brings her friend to Miami
Dexter and Lumen are nearly caught by Debra when trying to dispose of Jordan Chase
Dexter kills two paramedics after calling 911
Dexter and Miami Metro step into a trap when a waitress that Travis Marshall slept with is murdered as part of a tableau
Dexter takes a trip with his new 'dark passenger' to confront Jonah Mitchell about the deaths of his mother and sister
Dexter kills Travis Marshall at the abandoned church but not without an unexpected witness
Dexter reveals to Debra that he is a serial killer after she tosses his apartment looking for proof of who he actually is
Dexter asks Hannah McKay out on a date with the intention of killing her, but has sex with her instead
Dexter reluctantly helps Isaak Sirko kill the men hired to kill him before he's eventually murdered by George Novikov
Dexter is forced to take drastic measures after Captain LaGuerta takes him into custody for the Bay Harbor Butcher murders
Dexter tries to convince Deb that she is a good person by pointing out a man she saved during a shootout
Dexter and Deb track down Evelyn Vogel and kill the man who abducted and tortured her
Dexter wants to leave Miami with Hannah, but not before he kills Oliver Saxon
Dexter fakes his death and moves to Oregon, where he becomes a lumberjack

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