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Major WorksPoet
'Canterbury Tales'
'They flee from me,' Whoso list to hunt,' 'The long love that in my thought doth harbor'
'The Faerie Queene,' 'Amoretti'
'The Nymph's Reply'
'Astrophil and Stella,' 'Defense of Poesy'
'Passionate Shepherd to his Love'
Sonnets, 'All's Well That Ends Well'
'The Sun Rising,' 'The Flea,' 'The Canonization'
'The Garden'
'The Blazing World'
'Paradise Lost,' 'Samson Agonistes'
'A Description of a City Shower,' 'Gulliver's Travels'
Major WorksPoet
'An Essay on Criticism,' 'The Rape of the Lock'
'The Lives of Poets'
'Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard'
'Songs of Innocence,' 'Songs of Experience'
'We Are Seven,' 'Above Tintern Abbey,' 'Elegiac Stanzas,' 'Lyrical Ballads,' 'Strange fits of passion have I known'
'On First Looking into Chapman's Homer,' The 'Odes,' Letters, 'Hyperion,' 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'
'Aurora Leigh,' 'Sonnets from the Portugese'
'Mariana,' 'The Lady of Shallot,' 'St. Simeon Stylites'
'Porphyria's Lover,' 'Childe Roland,' 'Andrear del Sarto,' 'One Word More,'
'Goblin Market'
'The Darkling Thrush'
'Hero' from 'The Glass Essay'

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