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Forced Order
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LyricsSongTrack No.
'We couldn't be happier, Right, dear?'
'It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap!'
'Good news! She's dead! The Witch of the West is dead!'
'I knew who I was: One of your dime a dozen mediocrities'
'Make sure you're where less trouble is rife. Woes are fleeting...'
'Would it be alright by you if I de-greenify you?'
'Fiyero, where are you? Already dead, or bleeding?'
'And I will be loathing, Loathing you my whole life long'
'Enough to give pause to anyone with paws'
LyricsSongTrack No.
'Wickedness must be punished Evil effectively eliminated'
'Maybe I'm brainless maybe I'm wise'
'To make my life and make my way But for today, we'll wander and enjoy:'
'Don't wish, don't start Wishing only wounds the heart'
'Like a comet pulled from orbit As it passes a sun'
'O hallowed halls and vine-draped walls'
'Cuz I think everyone deserves the chance to fly'
'I'll show you what shoes to wear! How to fix your hair! '

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