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Can you name the Family Guy character by reading each descriptive clue?

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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
The eccentric and paranoid Mayor of Quahog
Channel 5 female news anchor
The lounge singer and son of a Hollywood icon who befriended the Griffin's dog
The ex-wife of the Griffin's mild-mannered black neighbor
The sexy, bulimic and dimwitted ex-girlfriend of the Griffin's dog, portrayed as a stereotypical blonde
A maid of Hispanic origin who speaks very broken English. When asked a question, she will often respond weakly, 'Nnnooooo.'
The moustached Southerner who speaks in a calm, drawn-out voice with a slight lisp. His voice is often used for other creatures including a bee and a great white shark
The mild-mannered black friend and one-time neighbor of the Griffin family. Now he has his own spin-off.
The first child and only daughter of the Griffin family, she is a self-conscious and unattractive teenage girl
The calm and soft-spoken wife of a paraplegic cop, who had been pregnant from season 1 to season 7
Proprietor and bartender of The Drunken Clam
The teen-aged human son of the Griffin family dog
The fat actor whose sexual misbehavior with Mrs. Pewterschmidt spawned The Fat-Guy Strangler
Billionaire industrialist, shipping mogul, and owner of U.S. Steel with investments in the timber industry
A stereotypical nerd who has a crush on the Griffin's daughter, who does not return his affections
The severely mentally disabled worker and ward of the state the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery. He has won 'Employee of the Month' more than once and has since been promoted ahead of th
The Pewterschmidt's oldest child who has been in an asylum since he was a child. Also known as The Fat-Guy Strangler
A giant chicken that often fights with the head of the Griffin household
A famous actor and one of the show's major antagonists. His fictional persona is of a criminal sociopath
The news station's Black-U-Weather Forecast reporter whose news reports are always rapidly spoken and loud
The member if the Channel 5 news team typically referred to as 'Asian reporter'
The most popular girl in school who is portrayed as extremely egotistical, shallow, promiscuous and vain
The elderly pedophile who resides just down the street from the Griffin family and lusts after their oldest son
The oldest son of the Swanson family who is rarely seen after season 3 and is later revealed to have been killed in Iraq
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
The Griffins' next-door sex-addict neighbor. He is an airline pilot and attracted to nearly everything and everyone
The tough fisherman with wood for arms and legs. He also wears a pirate-like eye patch.
The male anchor of the Channel 5 news. His son Jake has an upside down face.
The infant daughter of the Swanson family
The head of the Griffin household. He is fat, irresponsible and borderline mentally retarded
The biological son of the head of the Griffin household who replaced all the sperm at a sperm bank with his own. The character's sperm went to a lesbian couple
The Griffins' paraplegic police officer neighbor
The second child of the Griffin family, he is fat, dim-witted, blond
The mother of the head of the Griffin household
African-American ancestor of the Griffin family
The mother of the Griffin family dog
The manager of the local gas station and convenience store, the Quahog Mini-Mart
The name Quagmire's dad takes on after his sex-change operation
A threatening figure who lives in one of the Griffin children's closet
The Irish biological father of the head of the Griffin household
The stay-at-home mother of the Griffin family who spends a lot of time dodging her matricidal infant
A hearing-impaired individual who is always shown running, and even when stopped, he will continue to run in place and flail his arms
The flamboyantly gay cousin of the Griffin's dog
The baby of the Griffin family, but often behaves in adult ways and can have violent tendencies
The Griffin's Brown-educated talking dog
A Jewish pharmacist with terrible social skills and a son in love with the Griffin's daughter
The elderly dog of the neighborhood pedophile who can not use his hind legs
A skeleton in a black robe and seldom removes his hood
An older man whose name is a play on words and is always seen in fancy dress. He usually brings up awkward topics nobody has an interest in, removing much of the fun.

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