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DefinitionVocab Word
citizens must pass this in order to vote
citizens must pay this in order to vote
in order to vote your ancestors must have been able to vote
a rule used by the Senate to end or limit debate
the inability of government to act because rival parties control different parts of the government
the same party controls the White House and both houses of Congress
rhe president's use of his prestige and visibility to guide or enthuse the American public
a bills fails to become law because the president didn't sign it within 10 days before Congress adjourns
an executive's ability to block a particular provision in a bill passed by the legislature
charges against a president approved by a majority of the House of Representatives
a person still in office after he or she has lost a bid for reelection
an economic theory that government should not regulate or interfere with commerce
a close relationship between an agency, a congressional committee, and an interest group
DefinitionVocab Word
the authority of Congress to block a presidential action after it has taken place
A congressional voting procedure that consists of members answering 'yea' or 'nay' to their names
A belief that one has an obligation to participate in civic and political affairs
Procedure enabling voters to reject a measure passed by the legislature
Procedure whereby voters can remove an elected official from office
a new provision in the Constitution that has been ratified by the states
an alliance of factions
The first 10 ammendments of the Constitution
Authority shared by three branches of government
Powerrs shared by national and state governments
A government in which elected representatives make the decisions
A weak constitution that governed America during the Revolutionary War

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