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Can you name the the following things that we happening the last time the Rams played as the Los Angeles Rams?

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This Midwest NCAAF team went undefeated and won the Orange Bowl by beating the University of Miami
This man was in the middle of his first term as president of the United States of America
This country and Israel signed a peace treaty ending a state war that existed between them since 1948
This movie starring Tom Hanks topped the US box office
This country won the US hosting World Cup
This song by the Swedish Pop group 'Ace of Base' topped the Billboard charts of 1994
This ex-NFL runningback fled police in a white Ford Bronco and was later arrested for killing his wife and friend
This country voted 'no' to join the European Union (EU)
This American sitcom debuted along with 'ER' on NBC
This food was approved by the FDA to be the first genetically modified food

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