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'Your going to die clown'
'This is something that could have been brought to my attention...YESTERDAY'
'Yeah, you should share a celebration hug with Caretaker'
'Smell ya later, Poopsicle!'
'Are you mad that you died at the end of Die Hard?'
'Ta ta ta todaaaaaaay, junior'
'You sell any universal remotes here?'
'What do ya got here, anyways? 'The Organic Squirrel Gets a Bike Helmet'? I'm not reading these Communist books to you guys!
'I can't be gay Larry, I can be a lesbian for you, but that's about it'
'I noticed you all were French, so opposite of bonjour to you'
'I'm Scuba Sam, Scuba Steve's father.'
'Mama says that, alligators are onry cause they got all them teeth, but no toothbrush'
'Here, you should try this out. Put this here. Swivelly door. Waffleonians can come in and out now.'
'I never been to Earth, Dad! I never even slept over some other dude's house!'
'Let me just ask you one question... who's the pretty girl in the mirror there?'

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