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Can you name the players who made the final outs to clinch in the 2000's?

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2000 ALDS-AthleticsMariano Rivera/Yankees
2000 NLDS-BravesDave Veres/Cardinals
2000 NLDS-GiantsBobby Jones/Mets
2000 ALCS-MarinersMariano Rivera/Yankees
2000 NLCS-CardinalsMike Hampton/Mets
2000 World Series-MetsMariano Rivera/Yankees
2001 ALDS-IndiansKazuhiro Sasaki/Mariners
2001 ALDS-AthleticsMariano Rivera/Yankees
2001 NLDS-AstrosJohn Smoltz/Braves
2001 ALCS-MarinersMariano Rivera/Yankees
2001 NLCS-BravesByung-Hyun Kim/Diamondbacks
2002 ALDS-YankeesTroy Percival/Angels
2002 ALDS-AthleticsEddie Guardado/Twins
2002 NLDS-BravesRobb Nen/Giants
2002 NLDS-DiamondbacksJason Isringhausen/Cardinals
2002 ALCS-TwinsTroy Percival/Angels
2002 World Series-GiantsTroy Percival/Angels
2003 ALDS-TwinsGabe White/Yankees
2003 ALDS-AthleticsDerek Lowe/Red Sox
2003 NLDS-GiantsUgueth Urbina/Marlins
2003 NLDS-BravesJoe Borowski/Cubs
2003 NLCS-CubsUgueth Urbina/Marlins
2003 World Series-YankeesJosh Beckett/Marlins
2004 ALDS-TwinsMariano Rivera/Yankees
2004 NLDS-DodgersJason Isringhausen/Cardinals
2004 NLDS-BravesDan Wheeler/Astros
2004 ALCS-YankeesAlan Embree/Red Sox
2004 NLCS-AstrosJason Isringhausen/Cardinals
2004 World Series-CardinalsKeith Foulke/Red Sox
2005 ALDS-Red SoxBobby Jenks/White Sox
2005 ALDS-YankeesFrancisco Rodriguez/Angels
2005 NLDS-PadresJason Isringhausen/Cardinals
2005 ALCS-AngelsJose Contreras/White Sox
2005 NLCS-CardinalsDan Wheeler/Astros
2005 World Series-AstrosBobby Jenks/White Sox
2006 ALDS-YankeesJamie Walker/Tigers
2006 ALDS-TwinsHuston Street/Athletics
2006 NLDS-DodgersBilly Wagner/Mets
2006 NLDS-PadresAdam Wainwright/Cardinals
2006 NLCS-MetsAdam Wainwright/Cardiinals
2006 World Series-TigersAdam Wainwright/Cardinals
2007 ALDS-AngelsEric Gagne/Red Sox
2007 ALDS-YankeesJoe Borowski/Indians
2007 NLDS-CubsJose Valverde/Diamondbacks
2007 NLDS-PhilliesManuel Corpas/Rockies
2007 ALCS-IndiansJonathan Papelbon/Red Sox
2007 NLCS-DiamondbacksManuel Corpas/Rockies
2007 World Series-RockiesJonathan Papelbon/Red Sox
2008 ALDS-White SoxGrant Balfour/Rays
2008 NLDS-CubsJonathan Broxton/Dodgers
2008 NLDS-BrewersBrad Lidge/Phillies
2008 ALCS-Red SoxDavid Price/Rays
2008 NLCS-DodgersBrad Lidge/Phillies
2008 World Series-RaysBrad Lidge/Phillies
2009 ALDS-TwinsMariano Rivera/Yankees
2009 ALDS-Red SoxBrian Fuentes/Angels
2009 NLDS-CardinalsJonathan Broxton/Dodgers
2009 NLDS-RockiesBrad Lidge/Phillies
2009 ALCS-AngelsMariano Rivera/Yankees
2009 NLCS-DodgersBrad Lidge/Phillies
2009 World Series-PhilliesMariano Rivera/Yankees

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