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QUIZ: Can you name the Great Cultural Lists?

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3 Sons of Adam and Eve
3 Gods of the Hindu Trinity
3 Daughters of King Lear
3 Ages of Vico's Historical Cycle
3 Sons of Noah
3 Components of the Freudian Psyche
3 Magi and Their Gifts
First Triumvirate
3 Fates
4 Conic Sections
4 Properties of a Musical Tone
Big Four at the Paris Peace Conference (1919)
4 Evangelists and Their Symbols
4 Humors and Their Elements
5 Events of the Ancient Olympic Pentathlon
5 Rivers of the Classical Underworld
5 Civilized Tribes
6 Wives of Henry VIII
6 Ranges of the Human Voice
6 Iroquois Nations
7 Liberal Arts of the Medieval Curriculum
7 Hills of Rome
7 French Dynasties
Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism
9 Orders of Angels
9 Royal Houses of England (after 1066)
9 Worthies
9 Great Gods of Ancient Egypt
10 Major US Wars
10 Plagues of Egypt
11 States of the Confederacy
12 Tribes of Israel
12 Apostles

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