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Animated CharactersAnimator
Xylophone sequence (The Skeleton Dance), Mickey Mouse, 'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah'
Goofy, Monstro the Whale, Tick-Tock (Peter Pan)
Cinderella, The Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland), Peg (Lady and the Tramp)
Jiminy Cricket, Lucifer, Cheshire Cat
The Fairy Godmother, Shere Khan, Madam Medusa
Captain Hook, Baloo, Robin Hood
Alice, Lady (Lady and the Tramp), Prince John
Horace & Jasper, Colonel Hathi, Edgar (The Aristocats)
Tinker Bell, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil
Pluto, The Wicked Witch (Snow White), Foulfellow & Gideon (Pinocchio)
Dopey, José Carioca, Mermaids (Peter Pan)
Max Hare (The Tortoise and the Hare), Jenny Wren (Who Killed Cock Robin?), Snow White
The Country Cousin, The Wicked Queen (Snow White), Hop Low (Fantasia)
Animated CharactersAnimator
Grumpy, Chernabog, Dumbo
Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, Tarzan
Gaston, Jafar, Scar, Lilo
Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana
Ursula, Adult Simba, Li Shang
Genie, Philoctetes, Louis (Princess and the Frog)
Yzma, Dr. Doppler, Wilbur Robinson
The Carpet, Zazu, Frog Naveen
Megara, Jane (Tarzan), Captain Amelia
Lumiere, Hades, Kuzco
Belle, Rafiki, Quasimodo
Iago, Pumbaa, Kronk
Kerchak, Pacha, Dr. Facilier

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