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What is the sponsor for Roys' first tournament?
When Ishmael is off, what does he leave alot of?
Why does Big Ern say he has sugar in his backseat?
What does it say in the bible about not forgiving people?
How much does an English bulldog with one testicle cost?
What do Roy and Ishmael pretend to be when trying to make their first hustle?
Why can't Claudia have more than 6 or 7 children?
Who makes a cameo as Skidmark?
What town is Roys' boyhood home?
How does Claudia get Roy's watch to work?
When Roy finds out he hasn't paid his dues since 1979, how much does he owe?
What room is Big Ern staying in at the Reno Open?
What real pro bowler does Roy beat to get to the finals?
How long did Big Ern feel responsible for Roy losing his hand?
What actor does Roy imagine offering him a million dollars for a night with Ishmael?
How much money does Claudia bring back to Roy after Stanley doubles it?
Who ends up sponsoring Roy for $500,000?
What band plays throughout the end credits?

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