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The office which we park all the cars?
The worst cruiser in the history of Campus Cruiser?
Fox 1
Last name of 23/oak call?
The student group that all cruisers hate right now?
The B shift starts at?
Shittiest shift to work?
The CIC office used to be here?
Cruisr of the year 2009?
Echo 1
Fox 2
Cruiser 1
Cruiser 1 should technically be?
The Prius is car #?
The TANK!!!
How many miles do you need before you get that wonderful check?
The number of computer monitors in the CIC office?
Code for 'cannot handle call'
The most literal car cruiser has?
The new CIC office is at?
Longest shift you can work?
BEST place to work during finals?
Our new permanent CICer?
BEST thing to do to a PR on the phone?
Tram that goes to 23rd
Highest ETA we usually give out?
Furthest East boundary for cruiser?
Furthest North boundary for cruiser?
Furthest South boundary for cruiser?

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