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Forced Order
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HintPerson, Place, Thing in the BibleLetter
Husband of EveA
Youngest son of JacobB
Son of Adam and EveC
Fell into Lion's DenD
Wife of AdamE
Gift of MagiF
Where agony in the Garden happenedG
Mother of IshmaelH
Husband of RebekahI
Leader in Battle of JerichoJ
Contains reigns of David and SolomonK
His wife turned to saltL
First book of New TestamentM
HintPerson, Place, Thing in the BibleLetter
Son of JacobN
First Half of the BibleO
One of the TwelveP
Hebrew Queen of Persia...QueenQ
Wife of JacobR
Known for his strengthS
Written on Stone TabletsT
His wife Bathsheba slept with King DavidU
Place where grapes are grownV
Jesus turned water into...W
Persian Husband of EstherX
Jewish name for GodY
Climbed a Tree to see JesusZ

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