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Can you determine whether each volcano listed is located in the United States (Y) or another part of the world (N)?

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VolcanoU.S. (Y) or Other (N)
Redoubt Volcano?
Campi Flegrei?
Lassen Volcano Center?
Mayon Volcano?
Mount Agung?
Mount Kilauea?
Mount Hood?
Mount Vesuvius?
Glacier Peak?
Augustine Volcano?
Newberry Volcano?
Mount Fuji?
Galeras Volcano?
Crater Lake?
Makushin Volcano?
Cumbre Vieja?
VolcanoU.S. (Y) or Other (N)
Mount Baker?
Kelud Volcano?
Mount Merapi?
Long Valley Caldera?
Coatepeque Caldera?
Mauna Loa?
Mount Pinatubo?
Aira Caldera?
Mount Shasta?
Mount Rainier?
Three Sisters?
Mount Spurr?
Mount St. Helens?
Corbetti Caldera?
Akutan Island?

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