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In The Muppet Show, what color is Kermit?
Who played Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy?
What is the name of the family in The Beverly Hillbillies?
Which Henry wrote the theme music to The Pink Panther?
What was Walter Cronkite's signing off catchphrase?
What adjective was added to The Hulk's name in the 70's TV show?
Which comedy classic promised 'And now for something completely different...'?
Which star of Police Woman also appeared with John Wayne in Rio Bravo?
What is Dr. Kildare's first name?
Which television show team included Mr. T?
Which creatures were the heroes of Flipper?
The Case of the Velvet Claw was the first case for which TV attorney?
What is British TV's longest continuously running show?
What TV classic asked 'Who was that masked man?'
What sort of creature was Mr. Ed?
Who played the part of Sgt. Bilko?
What was the name of the main character in The Andy Griffith Show?
In Bewitched, what was Darrin's relation to Endora?
What was the female follow-up to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. called?
On which classic film was The Wacky Races based?

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