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Can you name the states in order of their number of unique county names?

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# of unique countiesStateMost Populated Unique County
149Tarrant County (1,809,537)
58Gwinnett County (842,046)
53Oakland County (1,202,362)
53Hennepin County (1,152,425)
49Wake County (929,780)
48Los Angeles County (10,170,292)
41Fairfax County (1,118,602)
37Oklahoma County (718,633)
36East Baton Rouge Parish (440,171)
35Arapahoe County (572,003)
33Milwaukee County (947,735)
33Minnehaha County (169,468)
33Kenton County (163,929)
32Sarpy County (169,331)
31Hinds County (245,285)
31Yellowstone County (155,634)
31Cole County (75,990)
30Miami-Dade County (2,662,874)
28Ada County (392,365)
28Shawnee County (178,991)
28Burleigh County (81,308)
27Cuyahoga County (1,280,122)
26Queens County (2,230,722)
25Black Hawk County (131,090)
24Greenville County (451,225)
# of unique countiesStateMost Populated Unique County
23Philadelphia County (1,256,006)
23Sebastian County (125,774)
22Snohomish County (713,335)
22Fairbanks North Star Borough (97,581)
21DuPage County (916,924)
21Maury County (80,956)
19Bernalillo County (670,968)
19Vanderburgh County (188,922)
16Kanawha County (193,063)
15Salt Lake County (1,029,665)
15Multnomah County (756,530)
15Mobile County (412,992)
12Pima County (1,003,235)
10Bergen County (905,116)
9Baltimore County (817,455)
9Washoe County (421,407)
9Laramie County (94,483)
8Chittenden County (161,382)
8Penobscot County (152,692)
6Norfolk County (670,850)
5City and County of Honolulu (953,207)
5Hartford County (894,014)
5Merrimack County (147,994)
2Providence County (626,667)
1New Castle County (538,479)

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