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Can you name the facts about National Handwriting Day?

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HintAnswer (A or B)
This holiday is always on this day of the year...
A. January 23 or B. February 17
to celebrate the birthday of this man, famous for his signature.
A. Leonardo da Vinci or B. John Hancock
The holiday is sponsored by this organization...
A. American Forest & Paper Association or B. Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association
and was first celebrated in this year.
A. 1972 or B. 1977
Is this holiday an official federal holiday in the United States?
A. No or B. Yes
One fully used standard pencil can draw a line __ miles long.
A. 22 or B. 35
These two letters are impressed on a pencil to designate it as a #2 pencil.
A. HB or B. HF
The most expensive pen sold for this much at auction...
A. $8 million or B. $2 million
...and was this type of pen.
A. Ballpoint or B. Fountain
Bic, the record-holder for pens sold, is based in what country?
A. France or B. United States

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