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Can you fill in the clues for the word ladder by filling in the English definitions of Japanese words?

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pronoun referring to oneselfぼく
v. to use a broomはく
n. the season from March to Juneはる
v. to turn over earth with a shovelほる
n. a round, two-dimensional shapeまる
n. a (usually wooden) storage device made by coopersたる
n. grass species commonly eaten by pandasたけ
adj. alone of its kind, single or solitary (4 letters)だけ
v. command form of verb that indicates travelいけ
n. Building you live inいえ
A number between 0 and 2いち
v. opp. of to leaveいる
v. to view with one's eyesみる
v. to remove the limbs of a plantきる
pronoun referring to another (second-person)きみ

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