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Three Famous People (or things)Before During After Name
Cotton gin inventor, Waiting to Exhale costar, Ole Miss football coach
Family Feud host, CNN anchor, Brother of two Super Bowl MVPs
Father of Walker & Texas Ranger, 60's teen idol, George Jefferson
'00 Democratic loser, American author and activist, Hair product brand namesake
'95 Heisman winner, Once played an impromptu gig at PCU, RB also known as 'Sheriff Gonna Getcha'
Wake Forest hoops alum, Released Graceland in '86, Created America's (and Britain's) Got Talent
Newsradio costar, Enemy of Pruneface, NBA leading scorer in '03 & '04
SNL 'Superstar', Nadia in American Pie, Hugh Grant's ex-lover
Father of Apple, Sheneneh, '48 Best Actor Oscar winner
Elbow surgery namesake, '04 Democratic loser, Losing QB of Super Bowl XXXV
Jets all-time leading rusher, Bullied kid on The Simpsons, son of Cecil
Memento director, Pitched 7 no hitters, Married to Scarlett Johansson
His work inspired Blade Runner & Minority Report, New Year's Eve host, Daily Planet reporter
Deceased UK royalty, Supremes diva, Lost two presidential elections in 90's
Three Famous People (or things)Before During After Name
Musician born Robert Zimmerman, Welsh poet, Fictional Anthropomorphic Steam Locomotive
Voice of George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld, Former KKK Grand Wizard, Legendary jazz pianist
First NHL player to score 50 goals in a season, Prince John in Men in Tights, Author of Through the Looking-Glass
Rapper awaiting jailtime, Chappelle costar in Training Day spoof, AJ Hawk's brother-in-law
Eastwood role, 33rd US President, Hoffman Oscar portrayal
Venom in Spiderman 3, Actress in three Hitchcock films, Winner of first American Idol
Anthrax guitarist, Joy Division vocalist, Newly acquired Yankees OF
Career HR record holder for 33 years, Boy band brother, Dave Matthews drummer
Band known for Rikki don't lose that number, Longtime ESPN radio and TV host, McDreamy
Superfreak, Played drug dealer in Pineapple Express, RB with 4 Super Bowl rings
Arnold's wife in True Lies, Winningest NHL goalie never to hoist the Cup, Commie hatin' US Senator
Eagles CB, Deep Blue Sea megastar, Abstract painter
RB with 3 Super Bowl rings, CBS late night host, HOF pitcher as a Cub
Youngest NHL Captain to win the Cup, Folk rock supergroup, Rapper guilty of Thuggin' Under the Influence

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